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Hear the doctor returns to school again

No, the participants did not miss school desks, they are there to ensure a healthy future for schoolchildren.

To invite a medical volunteer to the school Our lectures are interesting not only for students, but also for teachers.

Participants of this year's "Hear the Doctor" program have already received training from medical experts on the following topics: - mental health

- prevention of cardiovascular diseases

- Healthy nutrition

- puberty

- injuries, pre-medical assistance

- vaccination

In addition to medical topics, the participants had master classes on personal branding and public speaking, as well as a meeting with the head of Lviv region Maksym Kozytsky, who shared his vision of health care in the Lviv region

What the volunteer will get from the project:

  • Pumps up his knowledge in the field of medicine

  • Can directly influence the formation of our healthy nation

  • Will have the opportunity to communicate with professional doctors

  • Will overcome the barrier of public speaking

To become part of the team

On September 5, the final meeting of the organizing committee team will take place with volunteers who have completed the Hear the Doctor training and are ready to go to school. Also, from September, flash mobs will start in schools, in the framework of which students will be able to acquire good habits and learn more about their own health.

During the project period, it was possible to give lectures to more than 11,200 schoolchildren and conduct more than 300 lectures. One of the project participants, Tom Yarysh, shared the results of his friend Yaroslav Pavlyk, who started running after her story about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. He was motivated to join our marathon by the desire to improve his physical condition. After just two weeks of running, he noticed clear improvements, which he shared. At the beginning, the maximum heart rate was 186, and after two weeks - 116 beats per minute.

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There are announcements of events that will be interesting not only to doctors, but also to people from other fields and selections for your health.

Hear the doctor returns to school again
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