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Halyna Bordun: What will the Civil Population Support Coordination Center in Lviv region do?

📢 In the Lviv region, a Coordination Center was established to protect the rights of residents and promote cooperation between various bodies and organizations.

This center for the support of the civilian population aims to ensure interaction between state bodies of local self-government, public organizations and international partners. It includes departments that will operate in all district administrations of the Lviv region.

The main task of the center is the organization of humanitarian aid to the affected areas. It directs efforts to collect personal data to provide material assistance to those who need it. In addition, the needs of the polytechnic campus and other affected areas are taken into account.

In addition, an important task of the Coordination Center is to establish cooperation between authorities, public organizations and international partners. Similar coordination centers have been created in all regions of the region, which ensures direct communication and discussion of decisions.

There is also a need for a program of mental health and psychosocial assistance for Ukraine. Due to the conflict in the country, many people have suffered and need support.

The center focuses its efforts on providing psychological assistance to children, teenagers and military personnel in cooperation with international and national organizations.

In addition, challenges for the center are integrated education, health care and social protection. The program started with a small number of participants and grew to more than 40 participants within a year and a half.

Training, education, audit, monitoring.

It is important to understand that people in Lviv and other regions are experiencing tragedies, and it is necessary to actively solve problems, and not just wait for victory. People affected by the conflict in Ukraine encounter difficulties and need support.

The Civilian Support Center in Lviv Oblast is an important step in ensuring coordination and support for residents and promoting cooperation between various bodies and organizations.

More in the video of the First Western TV channel with Halyna Bordun (advisor to the Head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, head of the "Listen to the Doctor" project, "Coordinating Center in

Lviv region" and "Medical-Psychological Volunteer Community")

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