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Addressing the Needs of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities: Social Project in Lviv Region

Modern society is becoming increasingly aware and open to the needs of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. In Lviv Region, an important social project has been initiated to support these vulnerable segments of the population. Let's explore how this project addresses the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities and how you can get involved in this noble initiative.

The Lviv Region Social Project

The Lviv Region Social Project aims to analyze and address the needs of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. In the shelters across the region, there are 6,586 residents, of which 950 individuals require special attention and support due to their disabilities. The primary needs of these individuals include access to humanitarian aid, such as adult diapers, medications, and food supplies. Additionally, resolving legal matters related to document restoration is an important aspect.

Addressing the Needs of Seniors and with Disabilities

People with disabilities require special equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and devices that help them lead more comfortable and independent lives. Medical care and examinations, including ultrasound diagnostics at clinics, are also crucial. Among other things, individual requests for building and facility repairs, including roof repairs, heating provision, and utility services, are being registered.

Establishing Care Centers

"Every individual is important to us. The creation of stationary care centers for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities is an opportunity to provide dignified living conditions within the Lviv Region communities for these vulnerable populations. We aim to create a warm and caring atmosphere for all Lviv Region residents, regardless of age or health status. Together, we are building a strong community where every individual matters and has support," emphasized Lviv Region Head Maxim Kozitsky.

Monitoring and Focus Groups

Galina Bordun, an advisor to the Lviv Regional Administration, revealed that within the project, focus groups will be formed to conduct monitoring in Lviv, Yavoriv, and Drohobych districts. This will help understand the needs of residents in these areas and provide them with the necessary support.

Socialization and Training

An important aspect of the project is the training of professionals who will work in the centers supporting the civilian population. All individuals require communication and socialization, so the project emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities for development and education to these professionals.

The Significance of Assistance Centers

At a forum held in March, discussions revolved around why assistance centers should be available in all communities. They provide respect and dignity for all, convenient access to medical care and infrastructure within communities, offer training and employment opportunities, and facilitate equal communication.

Participation and Support

This project is being implemented as part of the strategy of the Coordination Center for Civilian Support at the Lviv Regional Administration, in collaboration with the partner organization "HelpAge-Ukraine."

If you wish to participate in the survey of senior citizens, please fill out the survey form.

To seek assistance at the Coordination Center, kindly fill out the application form or call the regional hotline at 112.


The Lviv Region Social Project represents a significant step in providing dignified living conditions for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. It helps address their needs and ensures the support they rightfully deserve. Join this noble cause, for together, we can create more dignified and happy lives for all members of our society.

To get help from the Coordination Center at Lviv region, fill out or call the regional hotline at 112.

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Допомога Людям Старшого Віку та Людям з Інвалідністю

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